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You are ready to transition
You want what's best for your amazing team
Let me help you move forward

Safeguarding Your Future while
Prioritizing Your People and Legacy

You have worked incredibly hard over many years to build your business, showing unwavering dedication and commitment. You have taken care of your company with great passion, creating something truly amazing. Now that you're thinking about leaving, it's only fair that you get a plan in place that recognizes the value you've built and takes care of your business and the people who have helped it grow. 

What I look for


Owner values employees


Owner looking to exit

Strong operational team

Key personnel who will stay on post-sale 


B2B services

Low customer churn

Mission critical offering

Differentiated product or service


~$2-8M of pre-tax profit

History of profitable growth

Low customer concentration

$3M+ revenue for software businesses

No business will meet ALL of these criteria, and there is no such thing as the perfect business. Most importantly I'm looking to buy a business I can be a good steward of going forward.


Brett Sleyster, Founder and Managing Principle

Brett is married to his wife, Anne. They live together in Chicago, Illinois. Together they enjoy trying new restaurants, playing board games, and hiking when they have a chance to leave the city behind.

Brett was born and raised in northern New Jersey. Both of Brett's parents were first-generation college graduates, and from a young age, they stressed the importance of education and hard work in building a better life.

Brett spent his early career helping agribusiness, construction, and technology companies manage their financial operations and then had the opportunity to work with amazing entrepreneurs growing their technology businesses. He found the latter experience energizing while also seeing the impact entrepreneurs had on their employees, clients, and partners.

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Why Choose MLC?

Deal Process Overview



Days ~1-30

Discuss the sale and see if it is a good fit for both of us

We provide our first list of questions and share our valuation range

Once high-level financials are provided, have an in-person meeting

We submit an indication of interest, you decide if we move forward


Letter of Intent

Days ~30-60

We request additional, more detailed, information

We submit a letter of intent with key agreed-upon deal terms clearly outlined

You decide if we move forward



Days ~60-150

We provide the final in-depth information request

Complete our due diligence (legal, accounting, etc.)

Finalize purchase agreement

We sign the documents, celebrate the close, and you get paid

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